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What is leadgeneration? 

You want to warm up website visitors with an interest in your product/service to become customers, but how do you do that? What is the difference between a marketing and a sales qualified lead? And how qualitative are your leads?

A good lead generation process answers these questions and provides a cost-effective solution. By creatively attracting leads, identifying them and efficiently selecting and qualifying them, you can apply targeted sales.

Lead generation is part of Inbound Marketing and we have made a handy presentation for this purpose. With this presentation you will convince your organization in no time to start using Inbound.


A little look at how we work:

Creative downloadables

Creativity belongs to us, as honey belongs to bees! In lead generation, we therefore try to look beyond just writing a white paper.

Marketing automation

We use marketing automation to identify, qualify and select leads. We do this with a personal twist. This way we do more, in less time!

Lead scoring

From MQL to SQL, that is of course the goal! By using lead scoring effectively, we determine exactly when a marketing qualified lead is ready for the follow-up call!

Innovative marketing tools

By using different tools, we reduce the workload of sales. For example, with Zapier, we automatically send an email from a sales colleague to a lead with an optimal lead score.

Growth Hacking methodology

We work according to the growth hacking methodology. We start with brainstorming, rank ideas, test the best, make adjustments where necessary and implement the idea. All this with a focus on the one metric that matters.

Creative use of channels

Door creatieve inzet van kanalen springen we uit de massa. Dit doen we bijvoorbeeld met social media, SEO/SEA, email marketing, off- en online events, vakmedia, LinkedIn Outreach en nog meer!

Marketing Automation Bureau

Curious how we can use marketing automation for lead generation? 

4 essential steps
of leadgeneration


Attracting leads

Time to start. First it is important to know where your leads are, online and offline. Then you approach them with valuable content, on a website, event or, for example, social media. How can you help potential leads? What problems can you solve?
Strategy and customer journey
Together with our creative Consultants, we determine the strategy and map the customer journey of your target group.

Identify leads

A lead without a name and contact details is of no use to the sales department. Through inbound marketing we turn an anonymous lead into a known one.
Counseling & choosing
We advise on the right software, and decide together.

‘Nurturing’ leads

By using creative content, we offer a lead something extra with every contact. We create strong content, build a mail flow and set up the marketing automation. This way we stay top of mind with the identified leads.
We get your team started, from training to onboarding.

Selecting leads

To keep the sales process time and cost efficient, we carefully select the leads. This is done on different criteria and is done with the help of automation tools.
Now we can really get started by creating emails and landing pages.

Om het sales process tijds- en kostenefficiënt te houden, selecteren we de leads nauwkeurig. Dit gebeurt op verschillende criteria en met behulp van automation tools. 

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