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Increasing profit out of your existing customers requires just 10% of the costs compared to attracting new clients. We can help you give your current customers the attention they deserve - and you the growth you deserve.

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Why customer retention?

In many companies, the focus of marketing is bringing in new customers. But is this efficient? Developing the relationship with an existing customer is often easier and cheaper than attracting new customers.

Since you're already in contact, you can communicate very personally with existing customers through all kinds of digital channels. Research from Harvard shows that 68% of customers who switch to your competitor did so because they don't feel a connection with your company. Tell your customers they are important to you and they will order your products or services happily ever after.

All benefits at a glance:

Why a customer retention campagne?

Less expensive

Signing a new client is far more expensive than making your existing customers happy. Customer retention only requires 10% of the cost of new business.

You know what they want

If you have set up your marketing automation properly, you also know your customer's interests. That makes it easier to trigger them to do the next purchase.

Higher profit

Research shows that 5% more customer retention increases the profitability of a company by 50 to 75% on average. Loyal customers opt for convenience and security. The price of your product or service becomes less relevant because they trust you. That ultimately gives a better margin.

Fans love to talk about you

If you give your customers a lot of love, you will get it back. They will talk positively about you, so it will almost feel like you have employed a sales workforce.

Klantretentie Utrecht | Like Honey
Klantretentie Utrecht | Like Honey

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Deep dive into the customer journey
In an interactive session, we map the customer journey of your customers together with you. Which touch points do you have with your customers? We will take a closer look at your companies' buyer personas.
Opportunity scan
What do you know about your customers? What tools are available? What communication are customers receiving now? We will list every potential opportunity.
Brainstorming for creative ideas
All kinds of ideas arise in a creative session. Like an creating an email campaign, updating packaging or changing the delivery time. We rank every idea and we work out the most promising ideas in a small experiment. If the experiment is successful, we will scale up.
From experiment to rollout
Successful experiments lead to growth: more orders, higher order amounts and more loyalty. You are in control of our focus. Successful experiments are converted into fixed components of your customer retention strategy. Creating room for new experiments.
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