Waarom Growth Hacking?

We live in a digital world, where you can easily test and analyze ideas and only go live with the ones that make the greatest impact. Nowadays, why should you set up a large campaign without knowing the impact beforehand?

By converting creative ideas into small experiments, you learn what triggers your target group. You only make the choice to scale up to a larger campaign when your experiment shows good results. How smart is that?

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It requires a different mindset, approach and organization of your marketing. You work in an agile team and make short week-by-week sprints.

Maybe you adjust the idea and go through the process again. Or maybe the results give you inspiration for new tests. The greater the number of experiments you run in parallel, the faster your results will grow.

A continuous process

In every sprint you go through the steps below

  1. Brainstorm to get creative ideas
  2. Rank ideas based on impact and complexity
  3. Design and build an experiment for the most promising idea
  4. Test, test and test a bit more
  5. Analyze the results: GO or NO GO?
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