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Met growth en AI marketing realiseren we samen succes.
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creative inbound marketing

Do you want to attract more new leads and simultaneously increase the turnover from your existing customers? Simply allow creativity as the main driver of your inbound marketing. Surprise your target audience, provide them with value and attention. It’s the smarter way to grow. 

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Inbound marketing

With inbound marketing we focus on the people who are already looking for your product or service. We convert these consumers into leads by offering answers, inspiration and help. This increases website traffic, the number of new customers and business growth.

Marketing automation

We automate all of your online marketing with one easy-to-use tool. We turn unknown visitors of your website into new qualitative leads. Marketing automation is the main driver for your online success.

Content marketing

The decision to start reading or keep scrolling is made in just a few seconds. High quality content is essential to keep your visitors engaged. We create everything from videos to landing pages.

Sharpspring implementation

Are you, like us, a big fan of marketing automation tools like Sharpspring? We will help you with the implementation and onboarding of your team and turn your website from a business card into a lead generation machine, today. 

Growth hacking

We turn creative ideas into small experiments. This allows us to quickly understand what works for your target audience, and what doesn’t. Only after an experiment is successful, we will scale up. Ain’t that smart?

Customer retention

Getting more profit out of your existing customers requires just 10% of the costs compared to getting in new clients. We can help you to give your current customers the attention they deserve - and you the growth you deserve. 

Online marketingbureau Like Honey
Online marketingbureau Like Honey
It’s better to give than to receive


your target audience

Surprise your target audience with useful digital tools, inspiring stories and funny activations. Forget boring content, it’s creativity that creates impact.

leads into customers

We convert leads into customers with automated email campaigns. We know what triggers your audience and we know how to tickle that trigger.

customers into fans

Attention turns ordinary customers into ambassadors. We develop customer relationships and achieve revenue growth through relevant communication.

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